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mobileHUSH - Silent/Vibrate/Flight mode timer

 HUSH is Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC application which allows you to put your PDA/phone in silent, vibrate, or flight mode for a specified period and when complete, the PDA/phone returns to normal mode.

For Example

You are going to the movies, you know it finish in about 2.5 hours.  Run mobile HUSH, enter 2.5 hours and select Silent mode.  Your device will in 2.5 hours now turn off silent mode in 2.5 hours without you doing a thing.

Have your ever:

  • Gone to the movies and forgotten to switch you phone off silent mode when it finished?
  • Been on a flight and only discovered hours later that you forgot to switch on your phone?
  • Been afraid to turn off your phone when going into an important meeting because you always seem to forget to turn it on again?

Then mobileHUSH is for you!


ThoughtSafe USB Diary


Stop anyone reading your diary ever again!

ThoughtSafe is an electronic diary that stores all your thoughts and secrets in a central and portable USB memory key. ThoughtSafe uses the latest security technology to protect your portable USB diary, so you can carry your secrets wherever you go!
All you need is a PC with Windows 2000/XP and ThoughtSafe.

ThoughtSafe is aimed at 8 to 17 year olds.  All content (online or offline) is filtered for their ages.  Leading IT takes great care to provide a safe computing experience for its younger customers.   

ThoughtSafe has great features. You can:

  • record your thoughts in a journal in any font or colour you choose
  • have fun adding pictures, icons or Mycons - you can even create your own!
  • store details of your friends and special events
  • use “Eyes Off” to instantly close your diary when someone is looking.
  • see all the latest stuff using the InfoBar - a channel of online information at ThoughtSafe central which contains articles about hot people, cool places, etc.
  • and lots more...

ThoughtSafe is only available online via its online shop at or .




UploadBarDotNet is a system integrator's component which provides a pure HTML upload progress bar for ASPNET websites. Integration into existing websites is seamless with only minor changes required to provide rich, dynamic progress bars as either popups or dynamically created within the upload page.

And as an introductory bonus, we are offering domain licensing of the the component for the same low price as machine licensing.




DatePicker is a system utility that handles all those date calculations you may want to do.  It also includes a stopwatch, support for holidays, special events, and countdown timers.  If you've ever accidently changed the date of your machine while using the clock at the bottom of the screen to try and work out what 6 weeks from now is, then DatePicker is just the tool for you.

And the best part - it is licensed free for the little guys.  Large companies can license it for support and maintenance for next to nix. Click here for more information and to download.


GSM SIM Editor


GSM SIM Editor is a free GSM SIM Editor for Windows operating system using any install PC/SC smart card reader.  It can be used to edit the names and numbers stored within a GSM SIM.

It consists of a simple application, a complete library, and an MS-Excel spreadsheet.  The application provides a simple interface to allow you to change names and numbers, but not delete entries.  The spreadsheet is full featured and demonstrates how people with only limited Visual Basic experience can write complete GSM SIM controlling application.  We use the spreadsheet ourselves as we like the fexibility of Excel when manipulating names and numbers : ).


Trim File


Ever had to trim off the top 10 lines from a 60MByte text file only to discover that Notepad just really isn't designed for files of that size. 

TrimFile.Exe is a small utility with little to no system dependancy that you should be able to run on very, very large files quickly and easily.  Download it now from here.  No need to install, just extract from the ZIP and run.

Note: This is an unsupported free utility.


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