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Have your ever:
  • Gone to the movies and forgotten to switch you phone off silent mode when it finished?
  • Been on a flight and only discovered hours later that you forgot to switch on your phone?
  • Been afraid to turn off your phone when going into an important meeting because you always seem to forget to turn it on again?

Then mobileHUSH is for you!


About mobileHUSH

HUSH is Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC application which allows you to put your PDA/phone in silent, vibrate, or flight mode for a specified period and when complete, the PDA/phone returns to normal mode.

For Example

You are going to the movies, you know it finish in about 2.5 hours.  Run mobile HUSH, enter 2.5 hours and select Silent mode.  Your device will in 2.5 hours now turn off silent mode in 2.5 hours without you doing a thing.

Supported OS

Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6.  Tested on PocketPC PDA and Touch Screen 320x240 devices Phone edition devices.  This is NOT a SmartPhone application (in development).

This product requires Microsoft.NET Compact Framework 2.  If you don't already have a copy of .NET compact framework for your device, install it from


mobileHUSH is available in two installation packages; a Desktop PC installation and a Windows Mobile installation.  ONLY ONE IS REQUIRED. 

Desktop PC Installation (approx 430k) : Desktop PC Installation EXE
Windows Mobile Device Instalation (approx 270k): Device Installation CAB

The Desktop installation you download and run on your PC.  Using ActiveSync it will install it on your device.

The Device installation requires you to download to your device to somewhere temporary and execute it.  Installation take approx 10 seconds.  Just select OK on each on the prompts indicating the application has not been signed yet.


This product is $5 Australian dollars to use.  It is fully functional but until it has a valid license, but each time it restores your phone from being in silent/vibrate/flight mode you will be reminded to purchase a license the application. 

You are permitted to use the application for up to 6 months before purchasing a license.  You should cease using the application after 6 months if you don't have a license.  Buying the product removes the anoying message that is displayed when you

Once you have installed the product and used it, you can enter your registration code to enable the product.

Click here to purchase an activation license.


mobileHUSH is installed in your application area of your PDA/phone - in the same location ActiveSync is installed.  Look for the mobileHUSH mouth icon below.

Click the icon to start the application.

Selecting the "Mode" allows you to choose the state the device will enter for the specified period.  The current modes available are "Silent", "Vibrate", and "Flight" mode.

To select the period that the phone will be in the selected mode, click on the number and use the arrow buttons to select. 

But you can also "FlexiSlide" to quickly set the value.  This control is the line with a up/down on the right of the screen.  If you move it up, it adds 10 minutes ever 1/2 second.  If you move it to the top, it adds an hour ever 1/2 second.  Slide it down and the number goes down 10 minutes, and an hour is subtracted.

Once you have selected a mode and enter a period, click the "OK" button to perform the selected operation.  When the time is up, your PDA/phone will return to normal.

The previous example for entering a period, but you can also enter a time that it should return from the selected mode.  To select a time, click on the clock face icon below the word "Period".  This should zoom in the time selection screen.

Enter the time at which you want the selection mode to end.  Note a "tomorrow" value which appears on the right of the screen when you select a time which will only be valid tomorrow.  This normally happens because you selected a time before the current. 

Once you have scheduled a time by clicking the OK button, you can cancel that operation at any time by running the application again.  If an operation is pending when you run mobileHUSH you will see the follow.  Select "Yes" to run the operation return and effectively disable mobileHUSH.  After this, the last settings will be displayed in mobileHUSH.  Then click "Cancel" to end without scheduling a task.

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