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UploadBar .NET

UploadBar .NET is a library which provides pure HTML upload progress bars in ASP.NET websites. Integration is seamless, requiring minimum code changes.

Progress bars can be displayed in popups or inline within web pages.

Illegal characters can be filtered out of uploaded file names, preventing buffer overrun attacks.

Since no client side controls (ActiveX/Java/.NET) are required, UploadBarDotNet ensures cross browser compatibility. All that is required of a browser is HTML and JavaScript support.

A set of sample web sites is supplied in the distribution, demonstrating how easily and flexibly UploadBar.NET can be integrated into a site.

Supported Operating Systems

Any Microsoft operating system that runs the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.

Download latest version

Download the latest version here.


The product has two licensing models:

  1. To a machine, which means that connections will only be accepted from a machine with the specified name
  2. To a domain, which means that connections will only be accepted when accessed using a specific domain name. Leading wildcards are permitted on a domain name, e.g. "*".


For testing, 30 day demo keys can be obtained from the registration key site. This site also handles the purchasing of registration keys. The software has a default registration to the domain, which permits connections to the server using a browser on that server.


Although the control is essentially a provider of download information, we've supplied a number of helper tools and sample upload pages to help get you started.


The standard upload window uses a popup to display upload information:.


UploadBar .NET popup upload progress

For situations in which popups are not welcome (or are blocked), the inline upload page allows the dynamic display of an upload window inside the submission page:

UploadBar .NET inline upload progress


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