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GSM SIM Card Editor


Ever lost a cell / mobile phone.  Lost all those numbers.  Wish you had a backup - even one 6 months old.

GSM SIM Card Editor allows for the backing up and/or management of phone book entries on a GSM SIM Card using an installed PC/SC compliant smart card reader.  Most smart card readers on the PC are PC/SC compliant.

The applciations works on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.  It is untested on Windows 98 and Windows ME, but should work.  The core of the application is written using ActiveX and can be run from MS-Excel using its VBA engine.  A sample MS-Excel template has been included.


Smart Card Readers


GSM SIM Edit works with most PC/SC smart card readers on the market.  It has been tested with the Schlumberger and Gemplus readers (the most popular brands) using their PC/SC drivers on Windows.

Actual models tested are:

  • GemPC 410 (Serial)
  • GemPC 430 (USB)
  • GemPC 400 (GCR400)
  • Schlumberger Reflex 60

If you want to purchase a reader, you can get a compatible one from directly or via Amazon.

In addition, some banks offer them as part of their Internet Banking and as part of their credit card program.  One such bank, ANZ Bank, offers them for free as part of their credit card program.  Click for details.


SIM Templates


SIM cards normally won't fit into a reader without first being placed within a holder.  You can buy a SIM holder from most phone retailers for around $3USD.


Download for free


The standard version of GSM SIM Editor is free!  Once you have downloaded and installed the package, you will find an application and an Excel spreadsheet.  The application allows you to edit names and numbers and save the list to a file for backup.  The spreadsheet is full featured and provide additional features to enable you to delete unwanted names and numbers.  Open the spreadsheet, enable macros and click the "Launch the GSM Editor" button within the spreadsheet.

Download it here.

A custom version can be ordered with custom logos and any other features desired. Email for details on how to order a customer version.  Pricing is based on a minimal fee for customisation of the graphics and a small distribution / support cost.


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