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DatePicker 3.3 is now available.  It contains the highly requested holidays functions that allow for accurate calculations of business days.  Holidays are stored in an external file and can be swapped for various regions.  Holiday files for the next 10 years have been composed for Australia national, Victoria, NSW, QLD and ACT.  More being added for every release.

Download the latest version from here

About DatePicker

DatePicker is a system utility for calculating the difference between dates.  It calculates the difference in Business days, week days, actual days, weeks, months, years.  A difference can be found or set so the the next interval can be found.

A basic stopwatch has been included for the times when you just wanted to calculate the approximate time a task will take.  It can be started and stopped just like a real stopwatch.  A basic log of times is maintained incase you need to add up multiple events.

Business days are calculated using holidays local to your town/city/state/country.  Sample holiday files for Australia have been included but you can create your own if your like. 

Local events can be added (and downloaded) to help you keep track of the event you should know about.  Really handy when working out your next holiday.

A set of countdown timers can be set to that you can track to the next major event - second by second.  If you've ever let a minor holiday like Christmas pass you by - you can count down the shopping days to the nearest second. 

Supported OS

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT4 service pack 6a, Windows Me, Windows 98.

Download Latest Version

Save the install pack to your computer and then run it to install date picker. Click here to download the last Version.

Get it from CNET!


This product is free to use for organisations with less than 20 staff and individuals on their private PC.  All other people should contact about licensing for their company / corporate desktops (very cost effective in volume).  The licensed product is available with installation packages designed for your individual software distribution scheme.


The current date is always shown at the bottom of the screen in the system tray area.  Mouse over to get the full date in your local format.  Double click on the icon to launch the DatePicker application.

Icon in Systray

Month by Month view allow you to find the difference in days, business days and weeks between two dates.  If you need to work on a standard number of days between events, then click the "Lock difference" box and the difference calculated will be used between the two date pickers.

Tab1 - Month by Month

Stopwatch is used for basic timing.  You can start and stop multiple times between timings.  When you reset the timer, the times will be dumped into the log panel.  Not that fancy but we've found anything more just got in the way.

Tab2 - StopWatch

Holidays is used to enter actual public holidays.  These are used in business days calculation and show up as bolded fields within the Month by Month field with a mouse over description of the holiday.  You can edit the ones provided (which goes out to 2012) or make up a new holidays file from scratch.  If you make one for your region email it to us and we will include in on the website for others to download.

Tab3 - Holiday Planner

Events are like holidays but are not normally public holidays.  We've included our favourite sporting events for us - but unless you live in Melbourne Australia, you will probably want to maintain your own.  Like holiday files, if you make one for your region email us the file and we include in on the website for others to download.

Tab3 - Events

Countdown timers can be set up for any events you may be waiting for.  Though we included some token events like Christmas 2003, we've used it for birthday present buying, next company dinners and product deadlines.

Tab3 - Countdown Timers



Click here to download the latest version.
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